Driveway Cleaning Service 

We know that your driveway is the first thing people see when approaching your home. That is one reason why it is very important to keep your driveway clean and free of dirt. Based in Dundee but travel up and down the east cost of Scotland, Dr Moss offers and professional driveway cleaning service that keeps your driveway as good as new. Dr Moss can clean your driveway in a couple of ways. First is probably the safest for your drive and that is a Soft Wash. This method uses chemicals to kill the living organisms that are growing deep down in the cracks of the brick work, killing them at the roots.


With many years of dirt and grime build up, it may take something with a little more powerful. The use of our purposely designed pressure washing equipment will give you the results you are looking for, cleaning away all the unwanted materiel that forms on  your monoblocking, slabbed or printed concrete driveways. All this for a very competitive price, there are no hidden costs. 

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